Armour parts:
  • - Chest
  • - Shorts
  • - Gloves
  • - Helmet
  • - Hair decoration - mages
  • - Boots
I will explain you the selling name so that you will know what you're selling or buying.


This is "+1 pride boffed g60 mage chest sky fuse +2hp". +1 is extra defense. Pride is the name of talisman. G60 mage chest is type of armour. Sky fuse +2hp is type of DSS. All this is will be explained step by step from beginning to end .

Adding a talisman

How to add a talisman
First we add Talisman of protection. Before pimping we check the endurance. Endurance is shown under the grade of armor. If it is not full (14/10), fix it using fixing tool (14/14). It is not safe to use doggebi fixing tool. Fixing tools are bought in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle at the Merchant(30), because it is usually less taxed.

fixing tool fixing tool

proces popravila uspešno popravilo

Talisman of protection is pulled onto the armor. Before that the name is "clean g55 mage chest". Clean means that there was no pimping done.

g55 mage armor talisman of protection

A window pop-up is showing the pimping process. A message is shown when it reaches 100%.

proces pimpanja



It shows succeed when you successfully pimp 1st or 2nd talisman pimp. In this case I got the 2nd pimp. In case of fail the endurance will go down. Don't forget to fix it before next pimping.

g55 mage chest g60 mage shortsi

The name of armor on the left side is "g55 low pimped mage chest". Low pimped is common name when you get 2nd pimp. On the right side are "glorious g55 mage shorts". You can see the name of talisman pimp in this table.

Raising the defense

How to raise the defense
Defense is raised with Talisman of defense. Talisman is pulled onto the armor.

g65 mage bootsi talisman of defense

You can add the 1st talisman of defense with no fear. Armor can't break because safety is granted.

začetek pimpanja

A window pop-up is showing the pimping process. A message is shown when it reaches 100%.

proces pimpanja



1st time raising defense is always a success.

g65 bootsi

With this pimp we raised the value of defense by 1. We added "+1" to the selling name.
Every other raising of defense is not garaunited any more. In case of fail the armor can brake no matter if the endurance is full. You will have to use Polishing stone, which garuatnies you that the armor wont brake if the pimping will fail. Polishing stone can be purchased in item shop or in private shops. For each talisman you have to add a Polishing stone. When a polishing stone is used the icon of the armor will be flashing.

polishing stone polish pimp

Adding Dragon spirit scroll

How to add a DSS
DSS is great for getting new stats. It is bought from item shop or in private shops. They are expensive. Normally the people without high founds stop at Sky fuse. Different types of fuses:
  • Imoogi
  • Shadow Dragon
  • Sky Dragon
  • Ancient Dragon
  • Storm Dragon
  • Violent Dragon
  • Thunder Dragon
  • Insanity Dragon
Every DSS has 100% success rate, so there is no fear that the armor would break. The trick is that with the 1st fuse we can get Shadow fuse and the next try will put you down to Imoogi. This has happened to me in this case. But I am happier with +1 INT then +1 WIS. It's pointless to have +2 str on a mage.

Dragon spirit scroll

Pimping is done by right clicking on the DSS. A window pops-up. We drag the armor into the empty space.

okno dssja

Press confirm, an extra window will show and press confirm again.


After the finished process of pimping you will get a message of success.

potek dssja rezultat dssja

In this case I got from shadow fuse to imoogi fuse.

g65 bootsi bootsi z dssjom

We added "imoogi fuse +1 int" to the selling name.
Table of stats and fuses is on this link.

Bead of fire

Adding Bead of fire(BOF)
Bead of fire is the best extra to the armor, but it is also very expensive. That is why many people rather buy the armor that already has bof on it. You can buy bofs in item shop or private shops.
Bead of fire is pulled onto the armor.

bead of fire

Before adding take care of endurance. If the endurance is full the armor can't break.

sporočilo bofa

The process of pimping is displayed. A message of success appears when it reaches 100%.

proces pimpanja

fail bofa

I didn't get a message of success to show it. Wasted 10 bofs on g65 archer's chest. In 2013 it costed 80kk. This is why people rather buy boffed armors.

g60 chest

With this pimp we added to the selling name "boffed".