Qigong is made out of two parts. Perforation shot and Qigong talisman.
With "Perforation shot" you make an extra place for pimping into which you add "Qigong talisman". This is basicly just another "dss" system.
Before pimping we check the endurance. Endurance is shown under the grade of armor or weapon. If it is not full (14/10), fix it using fixing tool (14/14). It is not safe to use doggebi fixing tool. Fixing tools are bought in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle at the Merchant(30), because it is usually less taxed.

fixing tool fixing tool

proces popravila uspešno popravilo

"Perforation shot" is pulled on the item.

perforation shot

It will show a warning message. Just keep an eye on the endurance, you dont need polishing stones. Accept the warning and wait for the process to finish.

perforation shot decide perforation shot processing

On the item, in this case a stick, you will get a circle. It will also get an extra line called "Perforation".

perforation shot on stick

Now we made and extra spot to instert "Qigong talisman".

Qigong talisman

Talisman is activated by right click. A window opens up where you add items.

Qigong window

You pull your item with perforation into the middle and press "cofirm". You will get the same message as at DSS that you can reduce your pimp value. Just cofirm and wait for the process to finish.

Qigong z orožjem Qigong warning Qigong proces

You will get the result of the pimp and it will add new stats to your item.

Qigong sporočilo Qigong talisman na orožju

You can find the list of the pimp on this adress.